Range of

1.All websites provided by the company shall comply with the terms of this use.This terms of use may be amended, revised or replaced by other terms and conditions, such as the purchase of products and services.Once the site is accessed or used, the current version of the terms of use is accepted.



2. The service

2.1 the site contains specialized information and software for browsing or downloading, as well as (depending on the circumstances) relevant documents.


2.2 the site may be stopped at any time or at least partially.Due to the characteristics of network and computer system, it is not responsible for the continuous usability of the website.



3. Access to information, software and documentation

3.1 any information, software and documentation provided or published by the website shall be governed by the terms of this use, or shall comply with the relevant terms of license agreed upon in the update.Other agreed terms of license (such as the terms of software download permit) shall take precedence over the terms of this use.

3.2 in the agreed scope, or (if not negotiated the) within the scope of the purpose of expectations in providing information, awarded to the users of a non-exclusive, non-transferable and not permission license, allows the user to use through the web site provides information or release, software and documentation.

3.3 software shall be provided free of charge in the form of target code.There is no right to request source code.The above provisions do not apply to the source code relating to open source software, i.e. the license terms of the open source software are given precedence over the terms of use and the terms of the license are required to provide source code.In these cases, the user pays the fee for the source code.

3.4 information, software and documents shall not be distributed to any third party at any time by the user, nor shall they be rented or made public in other ways.The user may not modify the software or document, or disassemble, reverse engineer or disassemble any part of the software, unless the mandatory law permits.There is a need to make a copy of the software available to the user for further use of the terms of this use

3.5 information, software and documentation are protected by the copyright law and international copyright treaties and other laws and conventions relating to intellectual property rights.The user shall comply with the above laws and shall, in particular, not modify, conceal or remove any of the alphanumeric codes, logos, or copyright notices of information and software or any copies of the software or documents.



4. User obligationsUsers shall not harm others (especially minors) or infringe upon the personal rights of others when visiting or using the website;

-- violation of public morality;

Violating any intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights;

Upload content or any other program that contains the virus (the so-called "Trojan horse") or any other program that may damage the data;

- to disseminate, store or upload unauthorised hyperlinks or content, especially if such hyperlinks or content violate confidentiality obligations or illegal;

- the release of an advertisement or an unsolicited E-mail (so-called "spam") or the issuing of a virus, bug warning or dissemination of similar information